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Sophie Harlow


A little about me...

Who is Sophie Harlow? That can be a tough question! My personality consists of persistent kindness, open mindedness, a passion for life itself and trying to experience of much of it as I can. My happiness is paramount and providing the kind of services I do makes me very happy. I am quite a bubbly personality and really enjoy making our sessions not only sexy but also fun.

Forget the world exists for a moment with me.

I appreciate music and film, wandering the halls of museums and galleries, road trips to beautiful places and adventuring outside of my comfort zone with cuisine and other experiences. You would often find me tending to my houseplants or out with my dog to the local farmers markets. I love fresh flowers, sweet treats and creating a comfortable space for myself.

My body is milky white and soft like satin with an hourglass figure like that of a renaissance painting. I currently have long red hair that can handle a shower together, among other things.


I personally enjoy going with the vibe we have together when it comes to my services, lets figure that out together.

I am willing to see anyone if you are respectful and hygienic. I have no preference about appearance, age, ethnicity, religion, disability or gender as long as you approach me with respect and kindness.

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