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First impressions are important

When first contacting me please let me know the following information:

• Your name?
• How long you would like to book?
• What time would you like to see each other?
• What service you would like?
• If outcall, what location?

Providing me with the list of information will make our time together easier to organize.

If you have found I haven't replied please review your message and try again. Please note I work to live so sometimes my reply may be delayed.


Screening for our safety

I require a copy of photo identification or proof of name and address from an essential bill (phone, electricity etc.)

Any personal information is kept confidential just between us and is used only if the situation arises. For this reason I expect your best behaviour during our time together.


Deposit Policy

I do require deposits for all outcall bookings and incall bookings at my discretion.

All payments must clear before I can confirm our booking.

Deposits are non refundable if you cancel. This is to cover administrative time and additional travel and accommodation.

Deposits can be transferred to another time if you cancel with more than 48 hours notice.


Health Expectations

I pride myself on making our time together as hygienic as possible.

I provide soap, deodorant and alcoholic/non alcoholic mouthwash (paired with individual shot glasses to prevent bacteria transfer) along with items such as gloves, wet wipes, antibacterial spray etc. Showers on arrival are expected.

I am fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and will require proof of your vaccination status. If you have any cold or flu symptoms please let me know as i am always happy to reschedule when you are better. Please be considerate of my health.

I am vaccinated against COVID-19  and Monkey Pox.



Beem allows you to send & receive money using your phone in seconds, regardless of the bank. Beem is something used often within the sex work community for deposits, gifts and payments. This is my usual method of payment.

Link to Beem below


Prezzee is a gift card service that is easy to use, instant and also anonymous, these can also be used internationally or for people who do not have an Australian ID.

Please note I will only accept 'Smart E-Gift Cards' and wont accept any branded cards.

Link to Prezzee below


Contact Me

0404 908 053

I accept SMS only

Located 20 minutes from the Melbourne CBD

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